Reasons to Get a Matching Spare Tire

Every vehicle leaving the factory ought to be equipped with a spare tire. Manufacturers are installing emergency donut tires, which are smaller and are temporary tires due to the lack of enough space to hold a full-sized spare. Some manufacturers do not include a spare tire and replacing it with an inflator pack, only good enough for a light puncture. The spare tire is making a return and undersized safety tires are being replaced because of the following:

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Five tier tire rotation
  • Consistency

Five tier tire rotation

Many vehicles do not come with a matching spare tire. Getting a matching spare allows for five-tier tire rotation. This allows for more mileage from the spare tire.


The exterior beauty of a vehicle relies on consistency, and the choice of a matching spare tire eliminates uneven structure. A matching spare will ensure that a car is consistent front and rear.


When you have a flat tire, the best choice is a spare tire. Use of an inflator kit may work for small punctures, but a full blow out will require a tire replacement.


Every driver knows that the state of the wheels determines the safety of the car. Match the spare tire to the ground tires to allow for optimum handling of the vehicle.

Given the decreasing size of vehicles nowadays, one will have to sacrifice the trunk space to accommodate a spare tire. A matching spare tire is heavy meaning less fuel efficiency for your vehicle. Run-flat tires with reinforced sidewalls will keep you going until the next service station. Regardless, the spare tire is making a return.



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